"Loz was one of the key talented members of staff which led to Disney's purchase of the former company, due to his rare ability to accurately portray their IP and likenesses.
He is always able to take even a 'vague' specification and turn it into a targeted and professional design, while adhering to the sometimes strict technical and time constraints - these skills combined with his personable nature and willingness to strive towards an end result that meets with client expectations stands him out in the design field."

Louis Hayward,
Minds Eye / Disney



Click on the image below to view showreels and videos demonstrating my animation, editing and production skills.

Here are some screen shots and concepts created for an interactive television service.

Below is a gallery of images and animations from games devised for the Sky Gamestar platform, including in-game screen shots, animated sprites, tile-sets and splash screens.

If you would like more information or to view my CV please don't hesitate to contact me.