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Loz Jones has been writing songs and performing them live since the 90s, fronting several acclaimed live acts playing blues, rock and even electronic pop. His dynamic performances gave a unique edge to each of those bands and the sounds and styles he experienced along the way had a major influence on him creatively. CDsIn 2006 Loz released 'Not The Only One', a five track EP that was so well received it encouraged him to put together a band of talented musicians to perform the material live. Over 18 months of gigging followed, with each performance becoming more powerful and intense, only briefly broken up by the recording and release of 2007 single 'Jamie'. Great moments became more frequent and as the sound developed, Loz Jones became a unique and exciting proposition on the local circuit supporting a diverse range of well known acts and playing to large audiences at a number of free festivals in the South East of England. LiveBy the beginning of 2008, the band had gelled and, determined to capture what they had, Loz wrote 11 songs which became the album 'Spoiling It For Everyone'. This debut album featured the single 'Idiot Room' as well as songs like 'Out Of Focus', '3 Minute Hug', 'Heckle' and 'Awaking Times' demonstrating the incredible diversity within Loz's songwriting ability. Within his music he shares stories, personal experiences and social observations inviting his audience to be challenged while entertained.VideoWhile other artists struggle for niche and genre, obsessing over whether a riff might 'sound a bit too flowery' or 'be lacking a raw edge', Loz prefers to dive straight into the lyrics and melody, crafting engaging tunes that have won admirers across the South East and beyond.
Songwriting craft, and the rhythm that underlines it, is a talent not seen nearly enough in popular music terms, but around the local live circuit and within the grooves of this debut album, 'Spoiling It For Everyone', it's prevalent, it's alive and it's humming!
With the sound of Idiot Room blasting out of radios across the nation and Spoiling It For Everyone receiving incredible reviews, the band spent the next year back on the road playing gigs with radio sessions and interviews along the way.PhotoshootsBut how does Loz mould influences as varied as Bowie, The Prodigy, Morrissey and John Lee Hooker into a format that doesn't necessitate the need for industrial strength ear plugs?
Loz says "My influences are fantastically varied, but it all comes together to form a common sound, and it works. Personally, I'll give anything a listen and anything that enters my head and stays there for longer than a couple of minutes will probably have some influence on what I write next."
"I don't really follow any musical trends and nor should anyone really. There's nothing better than a creative, open mind."
And by combining the right elements in the right way it gives Loz Jones the band a purpose. "The music wouldn't be anywhere near as strong with different lyrics, and for that reason playing live gives our sound an extra passion and energy. As a band, we don't just bang out a tune, we deliver a message or a story that we care about and want to tell others about."
And there can be no doubt that Loz Jones is being listened to!

Including contributions from James Evans, JNB Publishing Ltd.