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Check this out...

Filmed by All Sorts Media, this is our opening track 'Blabbermouth' at Luton Aid 8. What an amazing 2 days that was and what talent we have in our area. There are loads more videos on our YouTube Channel.

Finally back to business

Love Luton gig

Summer Fun, here we come!
Let's start with the gigs. First up, on Saturday 7th July we're playing the much talked about Love Luton Festival at 4:35pm on the BBC Introducing Stage in Wardown Park. This part of the festival is FREE to see some amazing local talent from midday onwards. Far better than paying a small fortune to laugh at Olly Murs or The Ridiculous Unwanted. Then, as the Olympic euphoria wears off, perk yourself up with Luton Aid 8. Three days of live music in August (17th to 19th) raising money for Luton Aid Music Academy and Keech Hospice. Check our gigs page for full details.

We'll be playing songs from 'Bitter & Twisted' and 'Spoiling It' plus some new ones hopefully. You'll also be able to...

New EP

... it's released on 7th July and available digitally on itunes, 7Digital, Tune Tribe, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon On Demand and many other retailers, mobile networks and streaming sites.

New T Shirts

Here's to a 'Bitter & Twisted' 2012!

Happy New Year!

Blimey, what a funny old year 2011 was with some huge highs and a few big lows too. 2012's new years resolution is to be so busy that we don't have time to notice any economic crisis or national/political disasters.

So, with that in mind, we're going to kick off the new year with that EP we promised ages ago! Then we'll follow it up with a new album next winter which we'll write and record while we gig our way through the year. That should keep us busy!


Anyway, the new EP has a title - 'The Futile Adventures Of Bitter & Twisted' and features the songs 'Zero Hero', 'Part Of The Machine', 'Making Sides' and 'Can You Hear Me?'. The hard copy of 'Bitter & Twisted' will also come with a bonus CD of our PDM gig from last year. Incidentally, that nights performance of 'Don't Shut Me Out' made PDM's Best Of 2011 album which you can download via or buy on CD from PDM gigs at the Hat Factory. Meanwhile, we'll be uploading the videos from that night to our YouTube channel as we build up to our first release of what we hope is going to be a big year!

See you soon.


Cancer Research Gig

September gigs

We're back on stage for a couple of great gigs in September. First at The Woburn Oyster Festival on Saturday 10th at 6pm. Then the following week on Saturday 17th, we're playing at the Cancer Research Relay For Life at Stockwood Park Athletics Track in Luton. We'll be onstage at 9pm just after the candle of hope ceremony but we're not just there to play, oh no...

...Team Loz is also taking part in the relay. So if you can't get down to see the band and cheer on the relay teams on the day, please, please, please donate a few quid to our Team Loz sponsorship page. Thank You!

Cancer Research Relay For Life

EP on its way

The recording process is pretty much over and we're so excited heading into the mix stage. It's been a really creative couple of weeks and I just wish we had the time (and money) to do more. I guess we're not far from a release date now and it won't be long before we can give you more details. Until then, all I can say is that we'll be putting some bonus stuff in with the EP.

Busy, busy summer...

For a short while it looked like it was going to be long hot lazy days lying around in the sun. Then the phone started to ring and my email started to ping (sounds like a lyric!). Not complaining though, got lots of cool stuff to look forward to.
First up there's the Luton Carnival BBC Introducing stage with loads of great bands and The Boomtown Rats (remember them?) headlining!
Then 3 days later WE NEED YOU to get down to the Hat Factory in Luton where we'll be filming our headline slot at another fantastic PDM gig night. Do ya hair, wear ya best shoes and be in that video!
Also, we've just been invited to play at this year's Close-Up Festival which looks like a brilliant weeked with headline slots from Carl Barat and The Divine Comedy.
These are just a few highlights though. Check out our gigs page for a full list and all the details.

Hello, hello...

... it's good to be back!

Thank you to everyone who came out to see us return with 3 gigs at The Hat Factory including the fantastic night with Toploader on October 1st. It was a great first gig to return with.

More gigs are being booked for 2011 and of course new material is on the way too. Exciting times!

Thanks for your support!

Loz 3 Gigs at The Hat Factory

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