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‘How, how on earth can that just be an unknown track on MySpace rather than something that's all over the playlists of the country? It's classic, laconic English pop songwriting from Loz Jones’
- Broadcaster and music icon TOM ROBINSON reviews 'Idiot Room' on BBC 6 Music.‘This is a superb mix of Alt. Rock with chart friendly melodies and some great vocals. These guys are very tight and their tunes are remarkably infectious'
- Matt Merritt -'LOZ JONES' debut is a delightful slice of laid-back indie-pop. Loaded with crisp melodies and radio-friendly hooks, Spoiling It For Everyone is aimed squarely at the Robbie Williams crowd. A well realised piece of work that echoes Williams's debut, it's a fine start from the Buckinghamshire sextet.'
- Rock'n'Reel magazine.Idiot Room is classic Pop song writing drawing in on all of the things that make a great catchy Pop track.
The b-side is ‘Awaking Times’ and is a gentle tune that contrasts everything in ‘Idiot Room’, but showcases the depth that the band have. Despite the fact that this band are unsigned, they may be on the verge of something good here. This is a nice and tasty sample of some musical meal that I’d love to get my teeth into.
- Jim Ody - ROOM THIRTEEN.comA rare Indie sound that is sweetly tinged with innovative pop sounds, It is a world away from anything currently in the music scene. Their new single 'Idiot Room' is a buzzing track full of intoxicating synths and pulsing beats with insanely catchy breakdowns and choruses.
- Cherry Pullinger -‘Very tasty stuff, very impressive and pretty damn cool
...No-way does 'Spoiling It For Everyone' sound like a debut work; it's solid, modernistic and extremely professional ...this outfit sound really together, supremely tight and totally focussed on their main event - making good music that's not just following others
...'Spoiling It For Everyone' by Loz Jones is scarily good for a debut album and that title might just prove to be 'right on the money - watch out for this lot, they might just be coming into your home very soon!!'
- Jones are midway between classic sounding British Rock, Electronica and something as yet undefined but one thing for sure is these guys have the potential to take their music onto a bigger audience. Idiot Room/Awaking Times is a two track mini epic that has me itching to get listening to more.
- Patrick McKiernan - ALL Jones is one man, yet the name of a band. Their music is electro, but poppy with rock and their singer is a man, as well as a women. Loz Jones are strange yet catchy, weird but wonderful all at the same time.Deceptively disarming is I think the best way of describing this twin set release from Luton based six piece combo Loz Jones. ‘Idiot room’ is such a slyly enticing treat and ’awaking times’ - what can I say - just melts. A beautifully hazily glazed star lit gem orbiting lonesome and bruised and dispatched with a longing that frankly leaves you captivated, subdued and ultimately seduced. Need I say more. Good. Go buy.
- Mark Barton -‘Spoiling It For Everyone is a guitar and synth based pop album that while being easy on the ear and aimed squarely to the mainstream, does have some really good moments ...I loved 3 minute Hug, that would make a brilliant single, Edge Of Town is a slightly darker opening track and Beautifully Naive is about putting the world to rights in the pub which is something most blokes can associate with ...a fun and well produced album that finishes with a real twist in the tail as we get a female vocal leading the epic closer Awaking Times.'
- Kev - The Beat'While other bands struggle for niche and genre, obsessing over whether a riff might 'sound a bit too flowery' or be 'lacking a raw edge', Loz and his talented ensemble prefer to dive straight into the lyrics and melody, crafting engaging and in some ways unique tunes that have won admirers across the South-East and beyond. Songwriting craft and the rhythm that underlies it, is a talent not seen nearly enough in popular music terms, but around the local live circuit and within the grooves of the band's debut album 'Spoiling It For Everyone' it's prevalent, it's alive, and it's humming!'
- James Evans - Luton At Large'Loz Jones - Luton's Finest'
‘An instantly likeable bunch ...a top drawer act you really ought to see ...expect catchy tunes and musicianship sharp enough to pick your teeth with ...I snaffled a preview copy of 'Spoiling It For Everyone' after the gig. It’s in my car. It’s jolly’ good'
- Neil Skinner - Watford Observer / Ealing Times'Loz Jones, a band that are already stars in their own right, or at least well on their way...
Wide eyed and fresh faced from the release of their 11 track album, Loz Jones set their sights on the coveted Surface champion title. The dynamic of the band rests with the lead singer whose voice captures even the hardest of hearing. The two keys players add the pop to their rock/pop stylings, giving their sound a more electronic/edgy feel. A friendly feeling sound that can have you tapping your feet and smiling before the first song is over.'
- Surface Unsigned'There is something about Loz Jones ...a unique style to the bands music, lyrics and approach to their work ...Listening to their album 'Spoiling It For Everyone' ...they could be a band to watch out for seems that Loz Jones are headed for a bright future'
- Luton at Large.‘Recording with Loz Jones was a very enjoyable experience. They're a great band who are very committed to what they do, and this clearly shows in the focused and exciting album they've made. The first week of recording was the best part for me - working on arrangements with everybody and seeing how we could shape the songs. I'm very happy with the end result, a clash of big guitars and electro pop synths battling it out over great drum and bass grooves.'
- Jamie Masters - Producer'Loz Jones, took on the mantel with a tremendously polished performance of their trademark guitar and keyboard rock, Loz covered every square inch of the stage with his imposing and dynamic presence. The crowd lapped it up!'
- Martin Kent - Bridgefield.'Not The Only One - Space Glam Rampant Rock! ...50 Storeys is a song doomed for success. The digital treatments are utterly delicious and his voice is remarkable!'
- Rene Atilio Araya.'In a sea of manufactured music that is today's scene, Loz Jones shines like a beacon for quality. If you like your music to be intelligent and well produced, this is the artist you should be listening to.'
- Andy R.